Nortec Training Solutions E-Learning

Woman sitting at a computer and smilingAs part of our goal to provide real solutions, we are developing custom courses that support the development and skills of people across our range of services.  This website is the for our online learning courses.

If you are enrolled in one of our courses, please log in using the link in the top right corner of your screen.

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At NORTEC, we strive to ensure all commercial and non-profit activities have a positive impact on the community’s social and economic wellbeing, across all four of our service areas. We achieve this through adhering to ethical and sustainable business practices, and standing by our service moto:
“Listening to Understand. Seeking Real Solutions”.

NORTEC is a for-purpose, community-owned organisation. Therefore, we invest funds from our commercial enterprises to support the delivery of community programs, social enterprise initiatives, small business support and community grants & sponsorships. These activities assist us in giving back to our community in a way that supports and promotes social engagement and economic growth.

Learn more by visiting the main Nortec Website.